Holiday Happiness

Hello My Fellow “Reclaiming My Time” Travelers,  we are in the thick of the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is just around the corner.  For some of us, the holiday season brings sadness instead of Christmas cheer.  I have always loved the holiday season.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.  I love the beautiful Christmas decorations and the spirit of Christmas that makes everyone kinder and more compassionate.  There just seems to be a special sprinkle of love in the air around Christmas time.  People will actually say hello and open doors for you.  I wish that the spirit of Christmas would last the whole year.

This year feels a little different for me.  My family has lost several loved ones over the last few years.  My older sister died in 2016.  My husband’s baby brother died in 2017.  Several close cousins have also passed away.  So, this year, I feel the loss of those loved ones.  I was recently looking back over some old family photos.  We were close as a family in those days.  We didn’t have a lot of money but, we were united as a family.  We knew how to make the best out of what we had.  We would go to the dollar store and purchase a badminton set and call our family and friends over for a day of friendly competition.  We would have so much fun just laughing and playing our dollar store game.  We didn’t realize it then but, those were the good old days.  Everyone was healthy and happy just being together.  Looking back on those photos, I wish that I could go back and know then what I know now.  I wish that I knew that half of the family members in those pictures would not live past their fiftieth birthdays.  I wish that I could turn back the hands of time and fully love and appreciate the people that I was blessed to call my family.

We can’t go back in time but, we can start with today and make it a practice to show love and appreciation for the people that we are blessed to share this journey with.  Live in the moment.  Enjoy the everyday joys of life.  Laugh with those you love.  Be sure to tell them that they are loved and appreciated.  I guess what I am asking you to do is to allow the spirit of Christmas to live inside of you the whole year.  Show love and consideration for others everyday, not just at Christmas time.  Cherish those people who remain in your life.  One day they will be gone and you will miss them dearly.

You can find holiday happiness simply by having a grateful heart.  Be grateful for the people that you have in your life.  Be grateful for the daily blessings. Be grateful for God’s provision in your life.  Extend a helping hand to someone who is having it harder than you.  My family volunteers for a lot of charity work during the holiday season.  Nothing makes me happier than feeding a hungry family.  Reaching out to help others has a beautiful side effect.  It lifts up your spirit and brings cheer and happiness into your heart.  So, this holiday season, I challenge you to make someone’s holiday season brighter.  Be the light folks so desperately need to see.  Peace and Love, Cescelie


Author: Cescelie

Cescelie Cowser Jelks is a blessed and highly favored child of the Most High God. She is a loving wife and mother of two teenagers. She is married to her high school sweetheart of 35 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master's degree in Education. Cescelie homeschools her children with an emphasis on African American studies and STEM education. Cescelie recently launched a nonprofit organization called "Blessed to Be a Blessing." The purpose of the nonprofit is to empower women and underprivileged youth. Cescelie's vision for her life is to be a highly sought after author and motivational speaker who travels around the world motivating the masses.

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