Waking up Grateful

Good morning my people!  I woke up with a grateful heart this morning.  I just woke up praising God and feeling grateful to be alive.  I thanked God for waking me up.  I thanked Him for blessing me with a beautiful family that truly loves one another.  I thanked Him for blessing my husband to have a job that provides for our family.  I thanked God for health and strength for me and my loved ones.  I thanked God for food, clothes and shelter.  I thanked Him for his covering and protection.  I thanked God for the countless blessings that He bestows everyday that we don’t even recognize.  I woke up grateful this morning.

I had a dream recently.  In the dream, I was in heaven with God and we were looking back over my life.  He was showing me how I had spent my life being worried and not truly seeing how blessed I was.  He reminded me how He had always made a way for me.  He had always sent provision when I really needed it. He had always taken care of me.  He told me that His provision was always there for me.  All the time that I had spent worrying, could have been spent enjoying my family.  His provision was going to show up at the right moment.  There was no need to be worried about a thing.  I felt sad that I had spent so much time worrying when I could have been enjoying life and being worry free.

I think we all have the choice to live in faith or to live in doubt and worry.  The truth is that we don’t know exactly how God is going to provide for us or how He will work a situation out.  But, faith and the Word of God tell us that He will work all things together for our good.  So, why not just make up your mind to trust God.  Trust Him so completely that you stop worrying.  When you look back over your life, you can see proof that God is trustworthy.  He has been faithful in His care for us.  Why not trust Him?  Make up your mind to wake up grateful everyday.  Be blessed, Cescelie

Author: Cescelie

Cescelie Cowser Jelks is a blessed and highly favored child of the Most High God. She is a loving wife and mother of two teenagers. She is married to her high school sweetheart of 35 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master's degree in Education. Cescelie homeschools her children with an emphasis on African American studies and STEM education. Cescelie recently launched a nonprofit organization called "Blessed to Be a Blessing." The purpose of the nonprofit is to empower women and underprivileged youth. Cescelie's vision for her life is to be a highly sought after author and motivational speaker who travels around the world motivating the masses.

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