Reclaiming My Time

Hello Everyone, this is officially my first post on my new blog.  I chose the title “Reclaiming My Time” for this blog because I am a woman who has lost herself.  I just celebrated my 52nd birthday last month.  For the first time in a really long time, I asked myself some of the big questions like, “What do you want out of life Cescelie?”  “What will make you happy?”  “What do you want to do with your life?”  I couldn’t answer the questions.  I didn’t have a clue!  I had lost touch with myself.  I no longer knew who I was or what I wanted.  I don’t even have a personal style anymore.  I used to be into fashion and had a unique style of dressing that was my own.  I was put together from head to toe when I was younger.  These days, I dress for comfort.  I will step out of the house looking like I’m headed to the gym everyday.

I realized that I have spent my entire life taking care of others.  I took care of my twin sister when I was younger.  Then, I took care of her children.  Then, I had my own family and continue to take care of them.  I have been assessing my own well-being by how well my family is doing.  If my family is happy and healthy, I’m good!  The only problem with that is I haven’t been attending to my own needs.  Heck, I have neglected myself to the point that I can’t even identify my own needs.

I am sharing this because I know that I’m not the only one.  There are other women out there who have sacrificed for others to the point that they have lost sight of themselves.  I have started this blog in an attempt to reconnect with my own dreams for my life.  I want to live my best life now.  Our time on this earth is limited.  As long as you have a breath in your body, it’s not too late to start doing the things that you’ve always dreamed of doing.

There is no going back in time and changing things.  And, I wouldn’t change anything even if I could.  I am grateful that I was blessed to be a blessing to others along the way.  However, I really don’t want to die without realizing my full potential and living my best life.  So, I invite you to come along with me as I rediscover myself and dust off my gifts and talents and start letting my little light shine.  I’m really excited about the possibilities.

Author: Cescelie

Cescelie Cowser Jelks is a blessed and highly favored child of the Most High God. She is a loving wife and mother of two teenagers. She is married to her high school sweetheart of 35 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master's degree in Education. Cescelie homeschools her children with an emphasis on African American studies and STEM education. Cescelie recently launched a nonprofit organization called "Blessed to Be a Blessing." The purpose of the nonprofit is to empower women and underprivileged youth. Cescelie's vision for her life is to be a highly sought after author and motivational speaker who travels around the world motivating the masses.

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